GARBAGE CANS ARE GROSS! Let us do the Dirty Work.

How Does it Work

Easy Sign up

Get scheduled in just minutes and your service date is given right at sign-up, use our friendly customer portal to manage your cleaning days and more all on the go.

Cleaning Day

Trash cans are cleaned the day after trash collection. No need to be home, just leave them accessible. Our friendly tech will run them through our eco-friendly process.

Happy Trash Cans

Your trash cans are now clean and happy. Now you can tell your friends and give them discounts while earning credits towards your cleanings, with our referral program.

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The average trash can has 411 million bacteria per square inch including: E-coli, Listeria, and Salmonella.

Wasatch Can Cleaning & Pressure Washing is a trash can cleaning service and pressure washing company serving Salt lake County and surrounding communities. We're available for one-time cleaning of garbage cans or regular, routine service. We make trash cans look like new and we remove 99% of harmful bacteria, viruses, and filthy debris with our cleaning and sanitizing process. Keep all of your home clean and safe with garbage can cleaning from Wasatch Can Cleaning.

Our pricing



Includes 2 cans

Additional +$10/can

Every 2 months


Includes 2 cans

Additional +$10/can

Every 3 months


Includes 2 cans

Additional +$10/can

One time


Includes 2 cans

Additional +$10/can

Our garbage cans look forward to their steam cleaning each month! Thank you so much!!

Jason J.

My cans are always taken care of on schedule and are 100% clean!

Sydney H.

Fantastic customer service and a great service in general. Love not having stinky gross garbage cans

Chandra G.

This garbage and recycling can service is an absolute necessity for our family. We had an issue that needed to be taken care if same day. They were awesome at helping us. Cans are so clean. Excellent work, high quality equipment and kind technicians. Highly recommend.

Jon H.

Awesome company to work with! It’s always so nice to have a fresh set of Bins!


Wasatch Can did awesome job . Will definitely use them again . Can look so good you could eat out of them😂.


Eco Friendly

Many people clean their own cans with a hose and dump the polluted water down the storm drain. Not only is that illegal it is very harmful to the environment. Let us take the water to the appropriate facilities.

No Mess, Less Stress

Have you tried to spray out your trash can only to have the inside garbage splashed back in your face? Let us clean the can in our self-contained system that sprays 360 to get every inch of your can clean.

Health and Safety

Are your cans in the garage? how many times a week do you touch them? With 411 billion bacteria and germs on every square inch, you need something hot enough to kill the germs. Our 196 water is guaranteed to remove 99% bacteria and germs.

Garbage can cleaning & pressure washing

Service Area

If you are outside our service area please give us a call (385) 775-4670. We are adding new neighborhoods and expanding our service area frequently.